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The Law Firm of Todd Watson concentrates their practice on the areas of Florida Medicaid Planning, Nursing Home Planning, Estate Planning and Elder Law. Located in Jacksonville, we serve clients throughout the state of Florida.

Medicaid Planning involves structuring an individuals assets so that they legally qualify for Medicaid Nursing home benefits without experiencing total personal impoverishment, and it enables a person to maintain personal dignity, protect vital personal rights and help insure that they do not become a financial burden on their family.

Our site is structured as to provide valuable information to Florida residents wishing to learn more about how Medicaid can be used to assist in paying for expensive long term care. With the average cost of Nursing Home care in Florida between $6000 and $8000 per month, people without private funds or insurance may find themselves in need of some type of structuring their assets to qualify for Medicaid Nursing Home Benefits.


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Florida Medicaid Eligibility Rules

Learn about the rules governing eligibility for Medicaid Nursing Home Benefits in Florida.

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Overview of Florida Medicaid Planning

A quick overview of Medicaid Planning in Florida and how it helps with your unique situation.

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Florida Medicaid Look Back Period

Learn about the rules governing gifting of assets to become eligible for Medicaid Nursing Home benefits in Florida.

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Florida Medicaid Spend Down Rules

What you can and can not do in order to arrange your assets so you qualify for Florida Medicaid Benefits.

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